Paraprogramming Dispatches


Eugene Zaikonnikov

When I wrote about EURISKO a few years before there hardly was an expectation of a follow-up. The system was a dusty legend with some cynical minds arguing whether it existed in the first place.

However, Lenat’s death in August last year has unlocked his SAILDART archives account. This has led to a thrilling discovery of both AM and EURISKO sources by WhiteFlame. In a further development, seveno4 has managed to adapt EURISKO to run on Medley Interlisp.

While I marveled at the idea of discovery systems before I hadn’t even considered ever running EURISKO myself as a possibility. Truly an Indiana Jones finding the Lost Ark moment. Yet this very low probability event has indeed happened, as documented in the video below. Rewind to 8:20 for the Medley run.